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Kooqi (pronounced "koo-kee"): of, like, or pertaining to a kook; unique, quirky.

Kooqi is just a little bit different from other online jewellery shops. Our jewellery is bold, modern & definitely makes a statement. Kooqi silver jewellery is always hallmarked .925 sterling silver, and our Murano jewellery is certified handmade by Venetian craftsmen. You can buy with confidence, knowing you will receive genuine silver and real Murano glass jewellery. Delivery and gift wrapping are also completely free on all orders!


Venezia, Italia

Our Murano jewellery is handmade using an ancient technique, dating back to the beginning of the 10th century and nowadays used only on Murano Island by master glass-makers.

This rare and difficult technique has been handed down from father to son for hundreds years and still remains the only method able to create a real Venetian handmade jewellery.

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All our toe rings are made from 925 Sterling silver and can be worn on any of the toes. The second toe of either foot is where they are worn most commonly. Our toe rings are usually worn barefoot and maybe with one of our anklets.

All our silver toe rings are adjustable, so you can buy with confidence, knowing your toe ring will fit perfectly.

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